BCV Blue Chip Report – October 2022

Alternative Investments: BCV is proud to announce the upcoming launch of an Alternative Investment (“Alternatives”) fund, the BCV Multi-Strategy Alternatives Fund (“the Fund”). BCV has been working in the background and preparing for the launch of the Fund for more than two years with the intent to lower the volatility of managed portfolios.

 Guardian Report to Shareholders – Q3 September 30th 2022

More than anything, high initial expectations and subsequent significant revisions to the economic outlook have been the reasons why 2022 has proven to be such a challenging year for markets. At the outset of the year, general economic momentum was solid and hopes were high, as the significant headwind of the pandemic that plagued the last two years appeared to be subsiding.

Antares Value Portfolio – Q4 2022

Client results in 2022 were better than the negative news headlines might have led many to believe. Our Total Equity strategy, for example, was down 3.7% over the year. For reference, Canadian and U.S. stock indices were down 5.8% and 12.5%, respectively. Seasoned investors know that pullbacks occur frequently and are the price we pay in order to be positioned to grow capital over the long term…