Our Portfolio Managers

We provide a broad range of financial services to individuals seeking to maximize their investment.


Antares Investment Management Inc

Antares Investment Management is mindful that clients are entrusting them with their life savings. As fiduciaries, it is their duty to understand your personal objectives so that they place your capital in appropriate investments. As investors in publicly traded equities, they look to own a select number of companies from around the world and hold them for the long term.


BCV Asset Management Inc

BCV Asset Management Inc. is an asset management firm dedicated to building and protecting client wealth, seeking to maximize long-term returns while minimizing risk. We offer an alternative to mass-market investment products, creating customized investment portfolios within Separately Managed Accounts.

We provide a high level of personalized and professional service and ensure that clients have a direct relationship with the Portfolio Manager entrusted with managing their wealth. We are able to provide this discretionary portfolio management service to investors whose household has a minimum of 300 thousand dollars of investable assets and are seeking alternatives to mutual funds or brokerage wrap accounts.

Guardian Capital

At Guardian, we prize the stability of our clients, our employees and our financial resources. Placing the needs of our clients first has led to long-lasting relationships. A growing client base has allowed us to consistently hire the best and brightest.

And this combination of satisfied clients and exceptional team members is what will allow us to maintain our significant financial strength in the decades to come.

KAI Asset Management Inc.

KAI Asset Management Inc. (KAI) is a full discretion Portfolio Management Firm that helps investors manage their wealth and take advantage of investment opportunities that present themselves in the capital markets. KAI Asset Management follows a disciplined and thorough approach to investment management which traditionally has produced strong results for clients through the cycles of the market.